Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Why Alhamdulillah?
thank you Allah for providing me more and more BM supply this week. It' more than enough for Ali. And luckily I have some to store for the coming Ramadhan (p.s: baru teringat even posa pun lom ganti..)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sib baik..sib baik sgt ler terperasan susu start entering my swing tubing..kalo idak abish la ny beloved Rule#1: Musti pakai bj longgar means daku kene hapdate wardrobeku...lagipun susah ah baju ketat nih nak bf Ali tgh2 jalan...nak cover2 pung susah...then finally Ali will come out with a loud cryyyyyyyyy....hunger pang...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yang Terkini

Stress..stress..haiyya..kene siapkan report2 segala nih..tensennya wehh...tenesen bertambah lagik ngan production BMku..aik...3.5oz jek..berkat skip2 pumping weekend kot..baru jek weekend lepas rs cepat jek full. Alih2 starting monday nih kaput..betul2 la monday blues..takkan la swing punya pasal (backup la..ikat perut tau membeli..hehe..main kutu je pun)..tadi dah lepas pakai swing aku amik handle harmony...dapat 120ml..jdik ler sekali ali minum...dah le cik abang aku sedap2 bwk kuar 2 bottles penuh semlm..menambah tensenku kene mengerah ms utk ngepam pagi tadi kat umah..berkejaran la daku...ngangkut ali gi skool...sib baik adam dah ikut ayahnya pepagi tadi..kalo idak mau kene singgah kedai lagik...
ok la petang ni aku manualkan aje la supaya aku tak tensen..aku rs nak lelap jap..solat then sambung balik keje..kalo tak revive kang takleh aku nak mikir ngan waras plak..:)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Catatan 22 Ogos 2008

since mlm tadi rs mcm dada ni menyempit aje. Maybe sbb lama tak ujan, sekali ujan segala mak nenek pollution tuh jadik jatuh n floating kat bawah so that aku yg malang dok inhale la..Today pun ada time aku feeling congested gaks..kene relaks jap..ok la..Ntah ler kot maybe org kat dlm ni girl..hehe..hormone memberi kekacauan pada aku...Ntah le kang aku scan next week tau-tau boy plak..duhhh..skang br 19 weeks pun...aku juper sekadar window shopping cuci mata for the coming baby..Yang pentingnya nak beli bj raya abangnyer...duss..mana aku nak terjah yer...SOGO mcm penat je aku nak pegi..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Asthma,allergies and endometriosis

As I have mentioned before I've read somewhere and in the book that there is relation between the asthma and endometriosis. Infact it is not only asthma, but it also involves allergies in a wider scope and autoimmune disease. I think asthma is classified as one of autoimmune disease. I've taken this extract from NIH and hope it will enlighten us so...Actually I have not read it throughly yet, as it might take some time to well understand it.

From NIH: Women with Endometriosis Have Higher Rates of Some Diseases

Women who have endometriosis are more likely than other women to have disorders in which the immune system attacks the body's own tissues, according to researchers at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the George Washington University, and the Endometriosis Association.
The researchers also found that women with endometriosis are more likely to have chronic fatigue syndrome and to suffer from fibromyalgia syndrome — a disease involving pain in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Women with endometriosis are more likely to have asthma, allergies, and the skin condition eczema. The researchers surveyed 3,680 women who said they had been surgically diagnosed with endometriosis.
“This study indicates that women with endometriosis may be more likely to have a variety of diseases involving the immune system,” said Duane Alexander, M.D., Director of the NICHD. “Further study of the immune system in endometriosis may yield important clues to identifying the causes and treatment of the disease.”
In women who have endometriosis, tissue like the lining of the uterus — the endometrium — grows in other parts of the abdominal cavity. The endometrial tissue may attach itself to the ovaries, the outside of the uterus, the intestines, or other abdominal organs. Endometriosis affects an estimated eight to ten percent of reproductive age women. It may cause infertility or pelvic pain, although researchers believe that some women with the disease may not experience symptoms. In addition, the researchers found that family members of women with endometriosis more commonly had the disease, as reported by others.
The researchers published their findings in the October 2002 issue of Human Reproduction.
Roughly 99 percent of the women in the study said they had experienced pelvic pain for about 10 years before they were diagnosed with endometriosis. The women in the study reported that their pain began shortly after their first periods. The researchers do not know whether endometriosis actually occurs at the first period or if it develops over time. It is also unclear whether treating pain early could prevent chronic pelvic pain from developing in these women. For this reason, the study authors suggested that physicians treating patients with pelvic pain — particularly adolescents — consider whether endometriosis might be causing the problem.
Ninet Sinaii, MPH, of NICHD’s Pediatric and Reproductive Endocrinology Branch, and her colleagues analyzed information from a 1998 survey of members of the Endometriosis Association. The researchers focused on the 3,680 women who said they had been surgically diagnosed with the disease. The study authors compared the likelihood of women with endometriosis having a variety of disorders to the likelihood of women in the general population having these same conditions. These included:
Autoimmune diseases — disorders in which the immune system attacks the body's own tissues.
Chronic fatigue syndrome — a strong feeling of fatigue that lasts for at least six months without letting up.
Fibromyalgia — a recurrent pain in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
Endocrine diseases — disorders of the glandular tissue
Atopic diseases — such as allergies or asthma
The researchers found that women with endometriosis were at greater risk than were other women for such autoimmune diseases as systemic lupus erythematosus, Sj√∂gren’s Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.
The women in the study were over a hundred times more likely to experience chronic fatigue syndrome than the general population of U.S. women. The women with endometriosis were more than twice as likely as other women to experience fibromyalgia. In addition, 20 percent had more than one other disease, and up to 31 percent of those with more than one disease had also been diagnosed with either fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome.
Hypothyroidism — an underactive thyroid gland — was seven times more common in the endometriosis patients. In many cases, hypothyroidism may also be an autoimmune disorder, resulting from an immune system attack on the thyroid gland.
The researchers also found that the rates of allergies and asthma were higher among women with endometriosis than among women in the U.S. population, and higher still if they had other diseases. The researchers found that 61 percent of the women with endometriosis reported allergies (as compared to 18 percent of the general female population) and 12 percent had asthma (as compared to 5 percent). If a woman had endometriosis and an endocrine disease, the percent with allergies rose to 72 percent, and if a woman had endometriosis plus fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome, the rate for allergies rose to 88 percent.
Two-thirds of the women reported that relatives also had diagnosed or suspected endometriosis, suggesting a familial basis for the condition.
The study authors cautioned, however, that the study may not be representative of all patients with endometriosis. First, the women may have joined the Endometriosis Association because they were experiencing pain from their condition and so may not be typical of all patients with endometriosis. Also, such self-reported surveys may be more open to error than are surveys taken by a trained interviewer. For example, some of the women who answered the survey may have misinterpreted questions, may not have recognized the names of specific diseases, or may not have accurately reported conditions experienced by their family members.
The women who responded to the Endometriosis Association survey were predominantly white (nearly 95 percent) and educated (90 percent had at least some college education), and ninety-one percent were of reproductive age (15-45 years old). To compensate for such possible sources of bias, the researchers conducted a type of statistical test known as a sensitivity analysis. This analysis helps to confirm that even if a disease is underestimated in the general population and overestimated in the study sample, the rates of the various conditions reported in women with endometriosis are probably still significantly higher than in the general population.
“These findings suggest a strong association between endometriosis and autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia" said Ms. Sinaii. “Health care professionals may need to consider endometriosis when evaluating their patients for these disorders.”

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Untuk Kesuburan

Secara amnya;
-Sperma lelaki dan telur wanita tidak terbentuk dalam masa yg singkat. Ia memerlukan masa sekurangnya 3 bulan supaya badan kedua lelaki dan wanita dapat menghasilkan benih-benih yang sihat.
-endometriosis- bagi wanita kadangkala menyebakan rasa sakit bila intercourse. I experienced that before. I felt weird sbb rasa kenapa org lain mcm enjoying the relationship but I was in pain. Malu betul nak jumpa doctor time tuh, tp last2 ms kena cyst tuh doctor soal jugak…
-Cyst kalo less than 4-5 cm, leh mengecut, but more than that biasanya terpaksa dibuang.
-endometriosis sometimes boleh menyebabkan kita rasa doubt kan?i’ve been too..buangkan perasaan tu. Get on with life!
-Give your health the space, relaxation, exercise and good nutrition…
-Yes of course..we are very lucky that Allah will be always listening to us..

-Sperma lelaki bergantung kepada diet lelaki itu selama 3 bulan sebelum conception. Pendedahan kepada alcohol, rokok dan dadah yg melampau serta bekerja dengan bahan kimia berbahaya, makan terlalu byk makanan diproses dan kurang makan sayuran serta buahan boleh menyebabkan kualiti sperma yg rendah dan defective.
-Kimia berbahaya ini mungkin tergolong daripada pesticide yang boleh mimic hormone wanita, dan alat-alat electric yang menghasilkan medan magnetic yg kuat.
-Bhn lain seperti phyoto-oestogen.
-Spermatogenesis mengambil masa 120 hari untuk baik pulih sekiranya terdedah kepda mutagen. Sekiranya sperma termusnah disebabkan bahan-bahan kimia lelaki tersebut perlu mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga untuk 3 bulan seterusnya untuk pengeluaran sperma baru dibuat.
-Kepala sperma kaya dengan zinc yang membantu ia penetrate pada ovum.
-Vitamin C menghalang sperma termusnah akibat radikal bebas.
-Vitamin E menambahkan keupayaan sperma untuk fertilize telur di test tubes.
-Vitamin B12-improve sperm count and motility, kalau kurang can lead to sterility.
-Magnesium-kekurangannya dikaitkan denga perubahan mutagenic dan infertility.
-kesemua vitamin ini diperlukan tetapi tidak boleh berlebihan, sbb kalau berlebihan boleh menyebabkan perubahan mutagenic.

-Keperluan ova
-Diet protein yg terlalu rendah dan terlampau tinggi menyebabkan sedikit sahaja ova matang dan dilepaskan. So means kena moderate.
-Sistem endocrine memerlukan coenzim riboflavin (B2), pyridoxine (B6), dan biotin utk metabolisma protein yang cekap.
-Kekurangan thiamine (B1) menghalang ovulasi.
-pengeluaran hormon2 ovari yang optimum memerluakan pyridoxine (B6), riboflavin (B2), folic acid, thiamine (B1), pantothenic acid (B5), mineral-calcium n iron.
-Vitamin B, magnesium, dan zinc diperlukan oleh hypothalamus yang merupakan starting point kepada pengeluaran hormon2 lain.
-ada juga researchers menyarankan vit C, iodine, selenium, dan juga vit B,magnesium,essential fatty acids dan zinc – senang citer multivit and multimineral la…
-ZINC-paras copper yg tinggi, zinc yang rendah, dan selalunya magnesium rendah ditemui selepas pengguna pills-refering to contraceptive pills.
-Logam berat seperti lead dr petrol dan cadmium dr rokok, copper yg tinggi dlm coklat berlebihan adalah antaogonist kepada zinc.
-Bila gandum yg berlebihan diambil, phytic acid yang ada dalam gandum akan terikat kepada zinc dan mengelakkan zinc diserap oleh badan.

Coretan Panjang Dariku

Selama lama tak update..nah amik....
I had my very first menstrual when I was 12 years old. I started to feel the pain on my lower abdomen during my third or perhaps my fourth period cycle. The first one occurred when I was in a public library, so I thought the coldness in the room might have induced the pain. I asked my mom and elder cousins about the pain, and they said it was common to woman. So at times when the pain was unbearable, I took a course of Panadol.
The pain was getting worse when I am getting older. During my matriculation and attending my engineering course at a local university, no doubt that I had to a day off as I couldn’t do anything on that day. Even eating was hard to me. I can’t actually remember when was exactly, I started to vomit whenever my menstrual appeared. My housemate once joked to me, if somebody who didn’t know that I was having my period, she/he might be thinking that I was pregnant! Menstrual to me was something I would like to avoid. The pain was intensifying. It was like someone stabbing a knife in my stomach.
So beza jangkamasa antara 12 ke usia aku 29 tahun ialah 17 tahun kan? Maka dapat disimpulkan hamper 17 tahun aku dok meredah sakit perut yang amat every time datangnya cik P. Minus time pregnant 9 bulan. Actually in the early marriage aku takut jugak becoz of my period pain aku susah nak conceive. Ramai orang cakap macam tu kan? But they never told why and how to solve it. They just commented on it. But mak aku selalu cakap dia pun sakit jugak time muda-muda, Alhamdulillah dapat jugak aku dua beradik…Alhamdulillah within 6 months perkahwinan aku, aku berjaya conceive jugak. Rezeki Allah. Before aku kahwin period aku pun tak berapa teratur, ‘senior’ friends aku kat tempat kerja lama nasihatkan ambil EPO- evening primrose oil untuk regulate period tuh. EPO nih ada fungsi juga dalam endometriosis, nanti kita bincang kemudian.
So bila aku found aku pregnant aku rasa lega sangat, sebab pregnancy ni menunjukkan ciri kewanitaan aku. Iya la, kalau kita tengok balik in our society, bila tengok pasangan yang tak dikurniakan cahayamata ada jer yang mudah berkata dan menuding jari pada pihak perempuan. Faham-faham aje la…but hey, it takes two to tango okay! Nanti next kita bincangkan juga kenapa….
After anak aku setahun, tetiba aku kena allergy, started with allergic to medicine particularly Erythromycin..wwa…terer ek sampai leh ingat nama lagik. Waspada beb, nih gi memana kalau allergic mesti mau inform. Kalau tak padah nanti. Even everytime doctor nak kasik aku antibiotic aku musti remind the doc that I’m allergic to that kind of antibiotic. Time tuh abis gatal satu badan aku. Aku ingat apa menda la..kebetulan juga time tu sakit mata kaw-kaw punya. Ngan eye ointment pun aku allergic, pakai yang cap CMC tuh terus mata aku jadik merah macam biji saga macam mata hantu dan bengkak gila…Trauma betul….
Ingatkan dah berakhir, rupanya tak, sejak tu aku jadi macam sensitive. Bila kena habuk, aku start batuk-batuk. Check kat klinik macam ada inflammation kat paru-paru aku ( berdasarkan bunyi wheezing agaknya). Then start macam dada aku rasa congested gitu. Rupanya tanda-tanda asthma aku time childhood tuh datang balik. Tapi doctor kat klinik biasa susahnya nak paham masalah aku nih. Sebab kadang-kadang datang dada semput, but I had no apparent wheezing, dial eh cakap aku takde asthma la…Then aku pergi pakar, bayar sendiri, berdasarkan PEV and history aku betul le aku kena asthma balik. So diprescribe aku with inhalers- satu preventer n satu lagi reliever. Lega skit…tapi bila doctor kurangkan dose, datang balik. Skang aku terpaksa la pakai Symbicort, sib baik ok la..but sejak pregnant yang second kerap la plak kena attack. Kenapa aku cakap about allergy and endo? Sebab mereka ada kaitannya..Aku pun tengah investigate nih…berdasarkan survey pada tahun 2002 (aku kira carried out in US kot), 60% penghidap endometriosis mempunyai penyakit berkaitan allergy atau sejarah kelaurga berkaitan dengan allergy. Nanti aku try cari balik sumbernya.
Back to endometriosis, after my first son turn 3 years old, aku fikir it was a good time to get another child. Sebab aku pun dah tamat peperangan aku dengan MSc aku. Saja je pergi buat check up ngan gynae, skali tup-tup bila scan ada ovarian cyst. So after doctor Tanya aku a few question, he said it was probably endometriosis, if aku nak get pregnant, I have to go for a laps and Lucrin theraphy for 6 months.
Alhamdulillah after 4 months I took off from Lucrin treatment akhirnya aku conceive jugak. Actually I was almost frustrated and losing hope jugak sebab the period pain tuh start jugak after the first period. Three months after Lucrin tu, period tak datang lagi. The fourth month baru first period datang. Pergi check up lagi. Secara kasarnya tiada sebarang cyst yang ketara. Tapi aku cakap kat gynae aku still sakit masa period, why? After ultrasound, dia jolok-jolok pula tangan dia kat secret parts aku, aku dah jerit dah. Sakit ler! Nasib baik aku tak tertendang doctor tuh…Hehe..rupanya kat situ ada jugak dahhh…Cepat betul la menda alah nih membiak…Bila pergi check untuk sahihkan kandungan aku, aku jumpa ex-gynae yang sambut kelahiran anak yang first. Naper? Sebab dia perempuan, aku lebih selesa dengan dia, sebab she is a listener where else gynae yang sorang lagi tak menjawab sangat persoalan-persoalan aku. Dan terpaksalah aku mencari jawapan sendiri. Doktor cakap, I am lucky, dapat juga conceive. Bukan senang dia cakap. Aku hanya mampu mengucap syukur dalam hati. Pada aku tanpa izin Dia, ‘rezeki’ku takkan ada kan? Selain tu aku amalkan BBT charting though tak habis pun. Tapi dari situ try learn about my mucous discharge, bila we have somekind of egg white mucous itu maknanya kita berada around masa subur...:)